About Us

RTC Services Ltd is an indigenous engineering company offering global standard services to Government, Corporate Organizations, and Individuals across different sectors. We are very active and taking ever more significant roles in the fields of Electrical engineering, Health, Safety and Environment. We are able to achieve this through an open relationship with our employees based on mutual trust, transparency, accountability, and discipline.


To satisfy our clients in quality of service delivered at a reasonable cost and to be the foremost indigenous power and energy service solution company.

To become your one stop solution provider in areas of electrical engineering, procurement, technical repair and maintenance services

Our Services

Transformer Installation

RTC services Ltd provide private entities with the point load services, as one of the major contractors of EKEDC we provide installation of transformer services to our clients from construction to the commissioning following the distribution companies’ standards.


Preventive maintenance (PM), which includes operational, planned and predictive maintenance, protects property and safeguards production. PM is a crucial part of loss control activities. PM of electrical equipment monitors the deterioration of equipment and components and detects or predicts insulation, equipment, and system flaws. PM reduces the frequency of losses. As with other loss control techniques, varying degrees of control are possible.


At RTC, we help to manage the overall process of carrying electricity from from the source of generation right up until your doorsteps. We are fully engaged in the different stages of carrying electricity over poles and wires from generators to a home or a business.


One of electricity's notable characteristics is that it is not readily available in nature. We help to produce electricity by transforming other forms of energy to electricity.

With electricity, the future is bright.

Our Clients

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