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Preventive maintenance (PM), which includes operational, planned and predictive maintenance, protects property and safeguards production. PM is a crucial part of loss control activities. PM of electrical equipment monitors the deterioration of equipment and components and detects or predicts insulation, equipment, and system flaws. PM reduces the frequency of losses. As with other loss control techniques, varying degrees of control are possible. To ensure little to no down time in network operations, we are proposing the following: -

  • • Creation of a preventive maintenance team that works across board for all levels.
  • • Develop a proper documentation and record-keeping that range from computerized maintenance management systems to manual file systems. This will aid stock keeping of disposable parts for easy replacement of faulty parts
  • • Prepare a monthly preventive maintenance schedule which is to be implemented
  • • Regular routine inspection to identify, examine and recommend for corrective maintenance
  • • Prepare or forecast from the preventive maintenance report equipment faulty parts and replace before the damage occurs.
  • • Develop a patrol team that works with the rapid response for ease of operation with the
  • fueling and maintenance done by Distribution companies

Breakdown maintenance has a place in Distribution companies maintenance programs. This means that no maintenance is performed on specified equipment until a breakdown occurs. Breakdown maintenance is suited to small, easily replaceable equipment that can sustain breakdown with negligible consequences. Few transformers fall into this category. Typically, a transformer maintenance program is satisfactory if it covers essential transformer testing and servicing. This document identifies the minimum transformer maintenance that should be performed on all transformers rated over 75KVA as proposed by the RTC Services LTD.